APC Pool Services

Don’t let your pool fall into disrepair! Affordable Pool Care will maintain and repair your pool at reasonable rates. We offer a range of services including weekly pool maintenance, green pool recovery, and complete pool repairs in Santee. We are also proud to offer a wide-range of equipment that provides the most efficient pool operation in addition to salt water systems. Affordable Pool Care strives to provide the ultimate in customer care with fast response times and friendly service. Contact us today!

Pool Maintenance

An improperly maintained pool is a dangerous and expensive thing with the possibility of skin burns and wasted excess chemicals. Affordable Pool Care is your pool maintenance solution! We offer value oriented services from expertly trained and certified pool technicians. The best value is our Weekly Pool Service, which includes chemical level recording and maintenance, filter inspection, and basic pool cleaning. This service decreases your costs through ensuring proper chemical levels, which is the most common cause of excessive pool cost among do-it-yourselfers. In addition, regular interval pool maintenance will root out operational problems and inefficiencies that can cause excessive repair bills if not addressed early. Affordable Pool Care is focused on reducing your costs and providing a healthy pool for you and your family.